Do I talk to him first again or should I wait and see if he does?

He was persistent and asked me out on a date. We already hooked up two months ago and slept together. I met him a year ago, my friends older brother. We had a lot of fun and hit it off. We had a second date where we just hung out watched movies, and got pizza, also a lot of fun. We also slept together. I texted him that day and we talked all day. It's been 3 days and we haven't talked since. I have snap chated him and drunk called him lastnight... I hope I didn't scare him off? Do you think he thinks I'm coming off as clingy? I'm not like that at all. Should I wait for him to talk to me and not interact with him at all or should I text him?
I went back to school so now we are 2 hours apart. I wanted to invite him to come visit me this week. Why do you think he's not talking to me..

Does he need space?


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  • Wait him call you first, if he do, ask him out. if he don't, come back here and cry your eyes out


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