Help girl acts like she likes me but won't give me her number?

Ok I've been talking to this girl i know from off Facebook we live in the same area and have mutual freinds. Well we just started talking alittle more because she got out of a relationship, I've went and seen her at work because she dosent have to much free time with working and going to school and raising a daughter. And everytime i go there she's all smiley and she will keep asking me questions about myself and keeping the conversation going. And when we make eye contact she starts to blush and smile and stare into my eyes. we talk through Facebook messages and I've told her she could text me instead twice and she never does why? Does it seem like she likes me or am i going crazy ladys help me out what should i do?


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  • she's either one not intereasted or two playing hard to get

    • But she keeps wanting me to come see her at work, i thought maybe it was because she just got out of a relationship

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    • Ok i see what i need to do then thanks for explaining it more

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  • She has a kid to take care of its nothing personal but her family comes first. She prolly doesn't have time. On top of that she recently got out of a relationship.
    give it some time get to know her a little better. Keep communicateing and give her some space if she needs it.

    • I've only seen her three times so the space thing isn't a problem, and i think all the stuff she has going on is the problem she dosent have time to do anything so she probably is trying to hold off on rushing right back into anither relationship. But she shows a lot of the signs of being interested i see them, i think your right i just need to play it cool and give it time and see what happens. Im overthinking the sutuation to early.

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