Should I do it or not?

Okay so the guy I like is in a relationship I'm 16 and I liked him way before he was in a relationship and his girlfriend is an aquatiance but we dont really talk, anyways he would always flirt with me and would always say i was really pretty and he liked me but he never asked me out or anything then he started dating that girl and he completely ignores me now. Now like 3 months later im starting to notice that there relationship isn't really working out. And the other day he tried to hug me and i did but as friends and yesterday he told me he liked me. He said that if i liked him back he would break up with his girlfriend but i dont know if he's only doing this to play with my feeling or if he's serious, should i tell him i like him back

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  • Don't go for him he will do the same thing to you when you start to bore him. I'm a player myself and I flirt hella too much with everyone. You don't want involved with this unless you just want to bang.


What Girls Said 1

  • Babes he sounds like he's after just one thing.. And if he can break up with her that easy do you honestly think it'll be a different story with you? Sorry sweet!

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