Should I remind him about our group date?

I set up a group date to get closer to this guy I really like. I asked him if he wanted to go and he agreed. It's with a bunch of mutual friends so I don't even know if he thinks it's a "date," but I'm pretty sure he knows I'm into him (I suck at hiding things). My question is should I remind him the night of the date? I want to shoot a quick text like "hey looking forward to seeing you tonight," but should I?

How about "Hey still on for tonight? Just checking in with everyone." Make it seem like it's not all about him?


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  • There's no harm in doing that. Just imagine what would happen if you you realize that the person you arranged the group date for, is himself absent for the event!

  • Don't say you're looking forward to seeing him just ask him if he's still going and if he says yes message and ask him what time he's getting there and make a joke about how you're always late/early to everything etc


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