What is the longest you dated someone before committing to be a couple?

Question says it all - how long have you held out before committing to the relationship or bailing?

... there's a poll but feel free to write in your own answer.

  • 1 week
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  • Less than a month
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  • Less than three months
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  • Less than six months
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  • More than six months (please add how long in a comment)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I know within three months if I want to be exclusive or if it's going nowhere.

    Usually I know within a week or two, but I don't broach the topic that quickly.

    • What are your "going nowhere" flags? Interest of one or the other starts to wane? Things moving too slowly? Neither of you knows how to cook?

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    • ok. more of a you know when you're in it.

    • I mean, there's all kinds of things that could happen that could turn me off to the relationship, but in cases where there isn't really any clear reason, it comes down to more of a feeling than anything.

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What Girls Said 3

  • ...2 hours :p

    The date started at 6:30 and by 8:30 we were committed.

    So that happened.

    • Wow, held out for the whole two hours? Impressive. Seriously, though, the amount of time doesn't matter if you are happy going forward.

    • It was a good move I think. Hasn't blown up in my face thus far anyway.

    • awesome. be happy. (c:

  • For your age group I would say at least five months to make sure that she isn't just using you. Many women that age tend to want someone to take care of them financially. Make sure she is independently sound and isn't relying on others to get by. I've seen many women use my dad (age 48) that way. This is what he said he does. Good luck!!!

    • Wow, unexpected advice. ... course it makes me curious - using me how? Do you mean they are looking for someone to be with as a "retirement plan" (since they didn't save)?

    • Exactly what I mean. Or they want to move in with you so you'll help them pay house payments or so they won't have to pay at all. (My mother did that to her last and current boyfriends)

    • Intersting and thanks for the warning. (c:

  • 22 minutes. I'm such a sucker :/


What Guys Said 2

  • Less than three months. Probably closer to like six or eight weeks?

  • Three months.