I am really interested in this guy but I need some help?

Okay so I first started talking to this guy from pof (I know) and we talked a little bit and so he asked to go for coffee or hangout possibly on Saturday and I said yeah that would be awesome! So Saturday rolls around and I texted him but no reply. so the Monday after, I figured out that he works with one of my friends husbands and so the guy told my friends husband is that he was supposed to hang out with a really cute girl (me) and my friends husband asked for a picture and so he showed him a picture and told him hey that's my wife's friend. So i think that might be why he stopped talking to me, the husband might have said something extra to make him not want to hang out with me maybe? What do you think I should do? Should I initiate conversation or just wait it out and see how things go?


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  • I think you should try talking to him about what happened, he seems interested in you!

    • But he hasn't initiated conversation or anything!

    • Don't be shy, go and talk to him, what's the worst thing that could happen? (: