Can you date someone that is separated and in the final stages of divorce?

Getting out of a bad relationship is hard. You need to take time, heal and get over it. Now let's say you meet someone stellar - they have been separated for over a year but still have eight or months left in a contested divorce. You find this out over time as you date them and become hooked. They don't want to commit to something while divorcing but still go out on dates and stay in touch (email/text) every day. Will this ever work? If so, under what circumstances?


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  • I think it depends on the person & if they are ready to date. But i would be looking for anything serious & be willing to take things slow

    • We're at the six months marker, so it's definitely been slow. That's okay. The "I wouldn't be looking for anything serous" part is the challenge though. Possibly the (my) problem.

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  • You're going to be a rebound. Too much emotional stress and remembrance brought around by the actual divorce.

    • certainly a concern. ... six months in. I wonder if that makes a difference. She spent the last couple years of her marriage in counseling by herself working through things. So, I have hope. /c:

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    • Well then I wish you the best of luck!

    • ... or as we say, "Good luck with that!" /c:

      ... thanks though. (c:

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