Just curious on opinions about my current situation?

I've been talking to this guy I met online for a few years now. The thing is, he doesn't know. You see, he's forgetful about things and he didn't remember me at all. So, this time around (since March of 2014) I saw my chance, took it, and we've really hit it off. And it's hard to explain how I feel about him because (this is going to sound weird, please just bear with me) ever since the moment I saw his picture, it's like I've known that he's "the one". Call me a delusional girl or whatever, but I know for a fact that what I feel for him is completely different from past relationships.

Anyways, we talk nearly everyday (can't talk right now because my phone is being replaced, go figure, aye?), we call each other 'pet names' (babe, honey, sweetheart, etc. Hell, we've even made little nicknames for each other), we've never spoken (like voice) to each other not even on the phone, we have cammed on the site we met through, and the list goes on and on (but I won't bore you all ;p).

Well, on December 31st, I told him (in the cheesiest way ever) that I liked him, he immediately replied saying that he liked me too. And I really hope it turns into something else. But, there are a few problems I've had with him that raise a few red flags;
1. On the weekends he always goes to either his dads house or to a friends house. Thing is, we don't talk on the weekends because of that.
2. He will goes DAYS without replying to me. And he knows how my anxiety gets, so why does he do it? (I get that he has a job now, but he has afternoons/evenings off..)
3. He always changes the subject / says "Okay sometime we will" when I bring up Skyping then 'forgets' about it. (Which I can understand, I'm forgetful as all hell too, but I'm not THAT forgetful.)
And finally, 4. He lied to me about having a Facebook. Not that I give a fuck about it, I mean, I barely use mine as it is. But I'm confused / bothered as to why he lied about it.

~Thanks in advance people,

Also, forgot to mention this, we live about an hour or so away from each other and I would love to see him. But, because of my parents, I can't. They never let me out of the house unless I'm with my mother and I don't want this guy I like to show up and my mother be like "Why are your ears like that?" "Why did you do that to yourself?" (He has modifications and my mother is close minded).


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  • He is not either interested or maybe if you talk almost everyday and still you are complaining then you dont have a life!! so i suggest get a life... i know how demanding a job can be... even i have a job.. So in evening i wanna rest... and sometimes go out.. so keep some Patience with him...
    Other than that the only thing i felt wrong is lying about a Facebook account... I don't know why he would lie about that...

    • I never once complained in what I said. And if it sounded like I did, I din't mean for it to come off as me complaining.

      I actually DO have a life. I have an online shop that I've been running for almost 3 years now. I am in online school. Parents don't let me out because they don't want to be 'embarrassed' by me. So, please, don't tell me to get a life when you don't know me. :)

      I have patience with him as well. I was just looking for someone else's opinion with the "problems" that rose a red flag. But yes, I get your point on wanting to rest after work, and I don't mind him doing that. But days without talking / ignoring someone? Confusing. :p

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  • It sounds like he has a life he doesn't want you involved in :/ If he'll lie about something as stupid as whether or not he has a Facebook that means lying comes easy to him. And because he did lie about his Facebook, it probably means he doesn't want you to be such a large part of his real life. I'm really sorry. I would tell him that the Skype call is extremely important for you, and set up a date and time to do it. If he backs out, set up another. If he keeps doing it, he's sending you a message that he doesn't care about what you want. I'm really sorry :/


    • I will do that with the Skype. (Something I never thought of, shockingly..)
      I just hope it doesn't turn out bad. :/

      ~Thanks for the reply though. ^~^