How far should you go on the sex department when you date multiple people?

If you are dating multiple people at the same time... is it okay to kiss all of them? To sleep with them?


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  • C'mon!
    That's a very person decision.
    I'm 19, my main guy is 30.
    He's the only one I've had intercourse with. Love it, love it. :))
    We have an open relationship, and don't live together.
    I'm not done playing around yet.
    So I don't F anybody but my main guy, but sometimes like to fool around with another guy if I'm attracted to.
    We do everything but F and I always satisfy them, and them me too. MMMMMMMM!
    You have to establish your own rules.


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  • I probably wouldn't date multiple girls as I don't have the energy, the monetary assets or the patience to multi-date but I won't have sex until I am in a relationship with a girl. Kissing, holding hands and that waffle is acceptable but anything more than that doesn't fly with me.

  • I think its sexy.

  • Do they know you're dating multiple people? As long as you haven't given any of them the impression you're exclusive with them then I guess its alright.


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  • As long as they all know that you are not exclusive with them and that you are dating other people, I don't see what's wrong with having sex and doing whatever you want with however many people you want if that's what floats your boat. Not my cup of tea, but to each their own. 😊

    • It just wouldn't be very kind to mislead anyone and could cause you unnecessary drama.

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