So are you the shy awkward type of guy/girl I know that I'm a shy awkward guy lol?

So there is a lot of things girls and guys think about themselves and others but what is really going on in everybody's heads so let me get started. Okay so I have always felt like I was different then all the other guys because let's face it and girls know that there are a few jerks out there and I'm just wondering do girls like the nice, shy and sensitive guys because a lot of girls just overlook those guys because they go for the "Bad boy" instead because there fun but they are risky stupid guy's but I am a shy person (especially around girls) but I can have a conversation with you as well and a lot of girls just don't understand me but I think this one girl likes me because she always smiles at me and I like that and I think I like her I feel so cofadent (lol I can't spell) around her because she likes me but there is a lot of stuff in my life I can't get over and its gonna take some time (I'm 19). I am also the type of person that is nice but I'm very sensitive I get hurt easily and I see that some girls try not to hurt my feelings when talking to me (criticism) and I like that and don't get me as a depressed dimwit I love to laugh. What makes me sad is people point out the obvious too me (this might turn you off lol) I'm dealing with an acne problem and sometimes people say things to me and it hurts more when it comes from a girl. I had bad acne but I'm a bit better now it cleard up but what makes me so self conscious is acne scars I mean its not too bad its mostly redness from it but people are so mean to me over something stupid but in the end I laugh at the world but some girls still like me because well there aren't many nice guys around anymore but hey shit happens I have my whole life ahead of me so I am going to go to my "awkward" parties (Canada) and laugh with my friends and live my life and try to get a girlfriend and I like girls. Any opinions G or Bad?


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  • Yes, there are girls out there who don't always go for the bad guys. I don't. I appreciate a good guy. Those are the best :) im the type of girl that likes my heart to be healed by sensitive guys, and douchbagy , egotistical, mach guys tueb me off sometimes. But every girl is different, and what she might like, another might not like. Its life. And yeah, its good to laugh every now and then at your flaws. You sound fun, and likeyou just ddon't give a damn. And your right, you hav e your whole life ahead. Do you.

    • Thanks I'm used to it lol

    • also "douchbags" are often guys who look good for that reason are liked by many
      And becuase they are liked by many they have a very good selfesteem

      Something that a sensetive guy (easliy got picked on as school and therefor no convidence) doesn't have, thats often why douchbags are picked over nice guys

      But lot of guys who called themselves a nice guy are really just douchbags too

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  • i kinda like the same type of guy as you... except his face is clean (not that it matteres or anything if you have acne or not) blehhhh i can't spell today.


    lets get started.

    im shy

    but not awkward

    im sure your not too

    im kinda cool

    i sometimes hang with the popular people

    i dont want to be popular though.

    i am shy at first

    but cool at the end of the day

    because im

    •clean (hygiene)
    •kinda simple minded (just the thing that makes me)
    •good grades
    •a bit of a flirt
    • confident

    maybe if you show that to her you will get her. but be yourself i looooove it when people are themselves.


    a good way to treat acne is burts bees acne shampoo

    get the daisy kind

    hope it helps 👍

    • Acne shampoo so is it for head acne or something? (And im not being sarcastic)

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    • yea head as in your face

      sorry im simple minded i really hate it T. T


    • Thanks for helping but just because people who have a skin problem doesn't mean they have bad hygiene its just a sign of bad luck Lol

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  • you're not alone bro i have the exact same issue acne and everything and i also feel like im different from all other guys im an "inbetweener" i can go from solving logarithms to im fucken wasted lets go dance wit some bitches haha im working on my sober confidence thoe you probably dont want tips from a younger guy (17) but try looking at your positive features it helps

    • Its better when a guy is talking to a guy about these things than it is girls right because they don't understand what they put us through and Vise versa Thanks anyway

  • You worry too much man, in the grand scheme of things your acne is a detail I m sure you have more important things to do and work on. You l see, once you get over it that if you don't care about it neither will anyone else.

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