Did I make a mistake breaking up with m'y boyfirend?

Ok so my boyfirend has a thing for liking other girls, he comments other girls pictures calling them Hot or Gourgouse... he also likes pettite thin white girls. Im not That...

So i told him how i feel, how. I do not like him to be liking other girls... he says he likes what he likes and won't stop and That he likes a lot of whole things besides me... i felt really bad.

The thing is i loves him i Just adored him soooo Much i loves his hair, his fingers his toes, his voice, his smile...

But hearing him say he likes other girls and other thing besides me Hurt a lot. So i brokeup, he claimed He wanteed to be with me and not them but i can not help to feel insecure when He calls other girls Hot or Gourgouse...


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  • With him making comments and kinder remarks that are Not needed when he was in a relationship with you, The-Girl-In-Pink487, it was a definite slap in your face, disrespectful And-----He likes what he likes and won't stop... he is most likely right.
    He is Not ready for a Real relationship with you if he is googling and gawking at other pretty faces and with his tongue hanging out, this is telling me he may end up falling prey to one of them someday and with this, Cheating on you in the end game.
    It's okay to look and make a slight innocent comment from time to time, but when he starts Obsessing over every Sally and Jane not so plain and it involves your heart on his part, then it is time to draw the line and realize he has crossed the bond boundary with you and this relationship. He is not Taking You Nor It seriously and making you look like the monkey in the middle which is no barrel of laughs for you.
    Never mind all of those Qualities and the fact that you say you 'Loves him.' It should be a complete total turn off in my Book of Etiquette how he disses you like this and doesn't care anything about your amazing Own 'Qualities' and it doesn't have to be just Physical ones.
    Move on... there is someone out there who will love you unconditionally and only have eyes for you.
    Good luck. xx


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  • find another guy who will treat you the way you want/should be treated.

    • I second this!

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    • when you feel like the most interesting and amazing woman in the world because he also makes you feel that way then you'll know you found the right guy.

    • Really.. I Hope so... thanks for your options

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  • I don't think you made a mistake, you will love another guy and i'm sure he will treat you way better (:

  • Not sure why he s so crazy, but how long time you with him, if he like other girls, i think it's really a problem

    • We dates for a while now... i am insecure. I tried to accept him and his likes but coule not diegest it

    • He just comment or he also have chat with other girls? If you didn't have insecure with this guy, it will let you so tired to be with him, and sad, maybe he didn't gown up and he also not sure what he want

  • No! This will only end badly. You deserve to be with a man who finds you attractive and prioritize you over other women. So many other fish in the sea! You will find him one day. No guy is worth losing your self worth over <3

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