How do I get him back when he isn't fully gone yet?

My guy suddenly got distant & i said i've give him space to think. We haven't spoken in about 4 days, but there has been no actual end.

It was so out of the blue, we were so cutesy & in love.
He said I love you first & we seemed to be on the same page.

I've also started noticing a few of his friends who are girls post on his wall which hadn't happened for a while...

This is killing me...


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  • Sorry to break it to you, but he's likely using this 'space' to try his luck with other girls.

    You need to have a serious talk with him as soon as possible, and then decide the further course of action based on what he says.

    P. S. On a side note, I wonder why genuine guys who are willing to go to any lengths for their girl are usually snubbed by girls, whereas guys like him are loved so unconditionally by their girlfriends.

    • The thing is that he does go to any length for me, usually.
      That's why it's so weird...

    • Its not weird at all, you just trusted him way too much and now your mind simply isn't willing to accept that he may be indulging in something inappropriate. Not saying he is actually doing that, but chances are pretty high.

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  • He doesn't want you.


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  • I think you should talk to him about it. From what you sais he has no reason to act this way.

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