How to ask a friend on a date if you've already went out with her as friends?

How should I ask a girl I'm already fairly familiar with on a date? We've been to the movies, cafe and have eaten out already, but as friends. I've noticed she has recently been more talkative and is probably comfortable around me and I think it would be a good time to ask her out as I really like her. How and when should I ask her our? I was thinking of asking her casually to come to a cafe with me and at the end tell her that I really like her and ask if she'd like to go on an actual date with me. What do you think? We go to the same school but she's usually with her girl friends and it's hard to find a private moment. Any other suggestions?


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  • You could try to flirt more and then see what happens. You could give her more compliments and show her you feel attracted. If she flirts back then ask her on a proper date. Make sure she knows its a date by saying things like "Would you go on a date with me"... She already likes you enough to be your friend so you already have an idea of what she likes and what she hates. If you are not too shy then you could try something I learned awhile ago.. If you see her at the start of a school day, say hi and wink at her. Walk away and play it cool for the rest of the day by not starting a conversation with her again and not looking her way. I guarantee that you will be on her mind all day long.

    • That tip about winking at her is a really great idea, I hadn't even thought about that! I will sure to try that out and see what happens. :)

    • This sounds good. So what if you have been friends for a while, but haven't gone on a date yet, but you wanna ask her out? Could you make the very first "going out" into a date?

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