Why do younger guys like me?

Sorry another question. I am very mature for my age. I seem to go for guys that are 25 to 35 years old. I am 21 years old, but the guys I am interested in that are 24 or 25 are never interested in me, yet I always have these guys that are like 18 or 19 that like me, want to date me etc. I don't understand why these young guys who are like 18 and 19 like me, but the older ones don't? I just can't imagine myself with someone that age unless they are extremely mature for their age. Is it how a girl carries herself or something? Lol.


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  • Lets balance that out, I'm an older guy.


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  • Life is not fair that's just the way it is.

  • That's the way it is sometimes. Turn them down if you don't like them. Be nice about it though.


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