I'm gonna meet a guy alone and I'm so nervous, help?

I’m having panic I’m so nervous and scared. I’m gonna meet a guy that is 16 and I’m 15. We will meet alone and I’ve never been with him alone, we text everyday but I don’t know him so well.. He wanna go out for a dinner and I don’t know omg I’ve never done something like that before this will be the first time and I’m never alone with boys and I’m super awkward with boys. I’m gonna scream I’m so nervous and scared but he’s so sweet and such a gentlemen for asking me out for a dinner. And it’s gonna be on the ”evening” because I have tennis and he soccer. Anyways my parents doesn’t let me be outside for so long.. I don’t know if the dinner is a good idea, and I don’t even know what to talk about omg help.. And what even can I do with him if not dinner, ugh...


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  • It's a first date, it's ok to be nervous. IT will be fine.


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