What does it mean when she says she wants you, but she can't meet you?

She says if it was any other time in her life it would be perfect. She said she wants all the same things I want but she can't get over her ex. We have a lot of phone sex. But she won't let me come over. Any advice on what this means. And should I wait?


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  • It's pretty clear really, she is saying she does like you a lot and would like something too but at the moment things are confusing for her, she's still getting over her ex and she just doesn't want to do anything stupid or hurt you while she's a bit all over the place with her emotions, so id give her some time and maybe in future things may kick off, but at the moment she's realy confused and probably doesn't really know who to trust or where she stands with anything.

  • She's not interested.

    • Why does she keep asking for photos of me, and calling me sexy and having phone sex with me. She sai. I have to give her some time.

    • It's boredom

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