Does dating sites work I wrote 45 emails no response?

Does dating sites work i wrote 45 emails to females asking general ques like hi how are you i get no response?


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  • As a male, online dating works off of two rules:

    1. Be attractive
    2. Don't be unattractive

    Women get flooded with messages all day every day. For yours to be considered, you must be good looking enough. If you do not meet a certain threshold of appearance (and the threshold is usually quite high), your message will be deleted along with the rest whether it's intriguing and well thought out or not. If you are attractive enough to be considered, then the content of your message actually starts to matter.

    Online dating is horrible for anything but the most attractive guys. Just go meet women in person.


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  • I would ignore the "hi, how are you?"
    IF the girl is especially attractive she probably gets a lot of messages. You're going to need a line to pull her attention.
    Perhaps if you have any common interests try talking about that in your first letter.

    I tend to notice on the paid for dating sites , users tend to take meeting someone else more seriously.
    It's because the money is coming out of their pocket and like you, free dating sites didn't work for them.

  • Send messages to every girl. You are bound to find someone stupid enough to fall for it ;)

  • Probably because she's seen that exact message, word for word, about 450 times before you and will see it 450000000 times after you.
    Just these kinda dating situations, you need to stand out more. Your profile and messages are an advert, don't advertise yourself as being exactly the same as every other guy on the site.


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  • You probably have to send out more than a "hi, how are you" - and to more than 45 women.

  • Send something completely different, maybe weird, and definitely imaginative (nothing perverted, morbid, or creepy) that'll really draw her attention. Also compliment her on things that aren't so sexual, like her eyes or smile instead of her body, because she'll no doubt have received MANY of those same messages.