Always Get Friend-zoned?

So basically, I'm a really nice guy that instantly becomes friends with everyone. It's cool, but makes it kind of hard to start dating a girl if I immediately put myself in the friendzone. I'm moderately attractive and polite, so how do I try to get out of the friendzone or never end up there at all?


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  • Stop being friendly and start being flirty. Don't be scared to show your interest in her. Most girls expect you as the guy to make the first move, so if u never do that we tend to see you as an asexual being overtime and don't think of u in that way. That's another reason why it's not good for guys to play the friend card. You can be a cool friendly guy but u need to let the girl u like know u want her

    • That's the thing though, I don't normally become interested in a girl right away. It generally takes me a couple days to even know if I'd really be interested in her.

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  • No one is actually in the friendzone. When a girl Friendzones somebody it actually means I need to get to know you better before we can get intimate. Back then I used to chill with a girl who frienzoned me I still did my best talk to her got to know her a little better and one day when we were alone I made her laugh real hard she got closer to me and I got closer to her she felt so comfortable around me. Then I looked her in the eyes and her lips then back to her eyes and I went for a slow kiss we started making out.

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