Does not respond to my text?

Hello there.
I was seeing this girl (and hopefully I still kinda am) and we had a talk about that atm we live a bit too far away (and some other reasons) so we should have an open affair (?), like we can see other people also. Anyway. I went to her town with a couple of friends for some partying and asked if she wants to meet me. She responded fairly quickly saying she was in another town. Two days later I send her a text saying something similar to: Hey didn't see your text, how was it in *name of place*? Three days have now gone and still no answer. Why do girls do this? This is not the first time she does it. Is she playing a game? Probably worth mentioning that she is (playing) hard to get, but has told me she likes me and really wants me, later on in life...

What would the reasons have to be for you to choose not to answer to a text, from someone you've been on successful dates with?


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  • Girls are weird. Personally, I don't do things like that because I know how annoying it is to be on the receiving end. It sounds like she's just being a jerk. Text her again and ask her why she hasn't answered. If she still won't answer, don't answer her next time she texts you. Let her feel you you feel.


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  • "Later on in life"...

    • We made it quite clear though that we would still keep in touch ando meet up and I don't know, fool around... I'm new to this. Is this normal? Should I stop worrying about the girl of my dreams and just continue having meaningless sex?

    • It's not normal. This is a bad idea.