Would this drive him away?

I have been friends with this guys for 4 years now. We are really close and everyone thinks we are dating because of how we act together. We walk around holding hands and we out alone like on dates but not really date. He says i love you a lot, you're the most important thing in my life, i wish i had a girlfriend like you, you're next guy would be lucky, i dont want a girlfriend as long as i got u, and you're so out of my league. I still dont know what we are, just when i think we are that close to being something he just messes up everything. Is it a good idea to tell how i feel? I wrote him this long paragraph and was planning to send him or sit down and tell him everything but i dont know if it is the right thing to do. I know that i want closure even if it means ending up what we have now. Im tired of his actions and at the same time i can't date anyone else with him acting that way and i also i like him a lot. Should i make it obvious that i like him in a romantic way or just tell him how i feel about what we are and thats it?



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  • One of you needs to for sure.

    • It feels like a wrong step but as i said i need closure

    • No, its not wrong. 4 years is to long. You need to move on, either away or together. Yes, closure one way or another.

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  • tell him how you feel.. this will either give him the confidence to tell you he likes you in the same way or admit he is gay. its one or the other

    • Lol, hopefully its the first one

    • hope its the first one too but if not... im available lol

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