What makes does it take to get a date?

On paper I am a fantastic guy, I am smart, I have a stable job, I believe that I am at least moderately attractive. however I am socially awkward, and very shy so in person I don't get noticed. I am constantly worried that any time I approach a girl she will think that I am a creep, and I minimize the quantity of approaches I make as a result. These negatives have led to my current predicament, I have never had a second date, and all of my dates have been girls that I met online who were poor company. So back to the question, what does it take to get a date, and how do I approach a woman without seeming like a creep.

oh yeah, I've only ever had 2 dates


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  • How to approach a woman without seeming like a creep:
    1) don't go up to her when she's talking to someone else
    2) don't start off with something like "what's your name?". Start a convo first and then have a little "oh, sorry but I didn't catch your name..." if it's going well.
    3) start off my mentioning something that's going on. (e. g. are you cold? if she's shivering; hey, you look upset. You okay? etc.)
    4) talk to her as if she was just someone you didn't know that well in college. Let me explain: be kind, but don't invade her personal space; be curious and interested, but not nosy...

    Hope this helped. Honestly, just be yourself. I know that sounds cheesy af, but it's true. You don't want a girl to fall in love with someone who isn't you, even if you're the one acting like him.



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