After dating, I find I miss my ex more?

I have been out dating a lot of girls, ten or twenty. I'm out getting numbers left and right, talking and meeting women or anyone. I find myself missing my ex. I guess I miss the instant connection, the adoration she had for me, her kindness, and overall unique company I enjoyed. Mostly the instant connection that she wanted to be with me right away and wasted no time.

I find I am going out with girls where it is just levels of "what are you going to do to entertain me" or being interviewed. I have to guess her interest level. Or it seems like they aren't interested at all.

I am tall, I am not unattractive, physically fit, I approach, and ask for their number. I have a good paying job.

I am doing some fun date ideas like going to museums, lake night, roller blading, ball room dance.

But it's like all this goes no where. I don't know, I am not meeting anyone where we instantly spark or she's super into me. It just makes me think I lost something very special.


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  • That's normal. It will persist for a while.

  • Give yourself time to heal first man before you go out dating. No rush