Could he have feelings for me still, or again after all these years?

My best friend from college and I got back in touch when I was visiting home back over the summer. He was in love with me back then but I had a boyfriend and wasn't interested. He had said those words. We took so many pics together and even looking at them now, the way he smiles and is close. It's adorable and I never saw it for what it was. But we were so young (early college so 18/19)

We lost touch after a couple years when I moved.

So now we are back in touch and its been forever but he has a girlfriend now. They just started dating last summer, or got to "bf/gf" by then as he explained.

We kept in touch until I was visiting for Christmas. He would keep the convo going even when nothing was there but spread out hours and hours.

When we got together when I visited, it was with a couple mutual friends. His girlfriend was out of town.

We really didn't talk much in person! We both talked to everyone else more I think. I know I felt shy because I feel feelings for him.

At the end of the night (only night I saw him) he patted/caressed my back for a sec when our friend teased me about me not having seen a movie. Then when we all passed around hugs, he gave me a kiss on the cheek which really surprised me.

I could TOTALLY be seeing that beyond what it was. Friendship or feelings or what? We aren't in touch like we were but I also KNOW he has a gf so I'm not going out of my way to message too much now that I've been back to the UK.

What do you think? I wonder about us someday. But may need to get my head out of the clouds :-/

Any ideas here?


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  • I think thats friendship.. Do not overthink and don't be carried by your emotions.. past is past.. I don't think he has feelings for you.. He has already gf.. move on..

    • I was thinking so but he keeps in touch with our friends differently like it's hard to message him when he doesn't reply and does to them right away! I hardly message him. Been over a week. Just makes me wonder why the distance

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