Is he just trying to be nice to me but doesn't want to talk?

so talking to this guy can be difficult b/c he doesn't really say anything and honestly it seems like the pressure falls on me to ask questions while he responds. as i can only think of so much to say conversations tend to go quiet and awkward quickly and he starts engaging in activities with his phone.
his interactions with other girls and guys seems a lot different as he seems more talkative and so involved with them, while ours seem so different so im beginning to think he's just trying to be nice to me

there are rare moments where he smiles at me when we make eye contact or does a nod to acknowledge me i guess, sits with me on his own, and then perhaps tries to come up with a couple things to talk about first, but again not too many. he also tends to avoid me and its quite obvious too.

two examples of interactions with him are the following which are recent:
1) a couple days ago he ended up coming to me on his own right after the holidays and we talked on the bus, we did have our quiet moments but he was smiling and seemed rather engaged though.
2.) a couple days after the first example he sat with me on the bus in the morning and i did try to think of things to talk about but it quickly went quiet and awkward. i then saw him again when i was going home on the bus - i didn't know he was on till i got off, and we were boarding the skytrain, or waiting for it to arrive. i noticed he was with a friend, both of them were standing to the right side of me, i pretended not to really notice or care and kept looking at the my other side, so i didn't have to face them. then we all got on the same train cart, but i went to the opposite side and sat in a corner far from them. as we were approaching our final stop i saw him get off one stop before, he usually goes to the next one with me. he does sometimes get off a stop before and im starting to think thats his way of trying to avoid talking to me?

ps we both are 20 and yes its quite childish


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  • Maybe you make him really nervous

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