Think I really missed the signs and didn't realise she wanted to date me , left her disappointed this holidays?

there is this girl I know and I do want to date her , she is from hometown but away at college , I saw her twice before Christmas and though she might of been interested but didn't realise she was really looking for a bf.
and didn't try as hard is I could of and didn't ask her out.

tonight I was online and did some searching , I'm not on instagram but found her page and saw a few things that really stood out including a sad Christmas eve picture of her by herself and a picture where one of her holiday wishes was to have a bf.
now I feel like I really left her dispointed that I didn't make a move during the holidays and I'm not sure how to repair this and how to proceed with this new info but were still talking I saw her last Friday and she seemed ok and we got along


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  • Go after that girl seems ripe for the picking.