What did she mean when she said hug me tighter and I say I didn't think you would want that and then she says you dont know what I want and smiled?

I went to see this girl at work and it was the first time we had ever met, she works at this bar in a queit resturant so we got a chance to talk sence no one was there other then an older guy. She kept asking me questions about myself and kept making sure she kept the conversation going. Later on i was walking back from the bathroom and she came out of the kitchen in front of me and turned around and stared into my eyes and we both just smiled till she turned back around and she made a noise like u make when u eat something good (hmm). when i got up to leave she said you better give me a hug before you go, so i do and i just give her a basic gentle hug. She said next time hug me tighter like a man, i said i wasent sure you would want that and she replied with you dont know what i want and smiled... am i missing signals here?


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  • can you just explain me a bit better how you met her? you were just randomly going out alone for a drink and ended up in this empty bar with a sweet waitress? or did you maybe meet her online or something and she said to come by?

    • I had talked to her before on Facebook but we know who each other are because we have mutual freinds. But yea one day i decided to message her and say i wanted to stop in to her work and watch the ravens game and she said i should then said yay can't wait so i went and that was the first time we actually met

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    • Yea i know who she is and all, after that I've been in two more times and weve talked on Facebook sence then but she jist got out of a relationship and i told her i wanted to text instead if talking on Facebook and gave her my number and she never texted me?

    • But i can tell she's interested by the way she looks at me and smiles and her cheeks turn red

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