Does it seem like this girl is interested in me, or am I just imagining it?

There's this girl in one of my college classes who I have a kind of small crush on. I met her a month ago, but we never really talked until the last few days since we're now in the same class. Anyway she seems to seek me out to talk to before and after class, the first day of class we hung out and studied together that night. We talked some and shared some laughs, but at the same time we didn't talk that much because she seems like a super solitary studier and I didn't want to disturb her focus. However she hasn't done anything super flirty with me, I don't know that's because we haven't known one another for very long (like a few days) and we only really see each other in class or because I'm just making this up in my mind.

So let's say she does like me and I ask her out, what'd I do? We go to college in Minnesota and she lives on the side of campus away from coffee shops and restaurants. Since its so cold, I don't want to drag her all the way across campus even if it isn't that large (we go to a small school).


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  • even if you haven't known each other that long, its good to build up the relationship if you want to ask her out. maybe start off with something small like going to the coffee shops, then build it up to a proper date at a movie or something. dont be shy :) girls like confident men


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