Ok I think she's upset?

So my girl today seems kinda upset. I text her this morning. She usually text good morning babe or good morning sunshine.. but today it was good morning. I think she might be upset that I been hanging out with my bro and the place I go to with my bro has a lot of girls.. I told her about that she said she doesn't care. I think she notice that she got knock down to number 2 of best friends on my snapchat instead of number 1 and got replace by a another girl because the girls username is girly so she knows its a girl.. I snapped her today and she just ignores it.. should I text? because I ask her whats wrong ans she said nothing.. I mean im kinda upset too.. I know somethings wrong but she won't tell me...


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  • Tell her to stop playing games and tell you what's wrong


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