Ok so how would I know if a girl likes me?

I've been hanging out with this chick who's been selling me weed for the past 2 months and I wanted to know what would be a really good way to figure it out.

Usually I would just go straight for a kiss and see what happens in this type of situation but I would really like to not screw up our friendship on account of the weed.

I should probably just kiss her anyways and see what happens but id like to be slightly more sure than I am currently.

We have everything in common. We are both in culinary school, both smoke weed, both like the same music and she even just started playing guitar and I was teaching her a little, which in my opinion is an excellent sign. Otherwise she seems interested, flirting blah blah blah you know. But that could just be regular friendliness of course.

I'm wondering if there is like a trick question I could ask her that would be vague enough not to give it away but I could still use as a reasonable way to figure out if it's a good time to ask her for more than just friendship.


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  • If she touches you in any way, then that is pretty much a green light in most cases. Just don't be abrupt about it, and read her body language. Weed and music can do things to a girl. Just saying.

    • Rofl I know I've witnessed the power of my guitar many many times lol. You are right I believe I shouldn't be questioning my guitars authority over women's underwear rofl

    • Exactly my friend. Sieze the day! :)

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  • Maybe she is


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  • Generally anyone who is selling you weed is more interested in your business than your body. Love and money don't mix.

    • Right hence my apprehension lol. That's the main reason I haven't just gone for it. However I feel there may be more to this story and I really do want it to work between us. I guess the worst that could happen is I just need to find another weed dealer lol.

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    • I most likely will unless I get a better idea soon. I'm gonna go see her tomorrow, not for weed, I'm on parole and I currently can't. I'm really just going so I can see her haha

    • Sounds lovely. Good luck!

  • Go up to her one day and say the following words "I was wondering if you like me? Cause i like you" (the "cuz i like you" is important because even if she did like you, she would probably never admit it)

    • True, I was hoping for something a little more vague though lol. I may as well just go for the kiss bro haha

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