Is it possible this girl is interested in me, or am I mistaken?

I have a small crush on one of the girls in my college class. We had met a month ago, but recently began to talk because we're now in the same class. She seeks me out to talk before and after class, the first day of class she asked to come to the library and study with her. We had a good time, but there were a couple long silences because she acts like a solitary studier and I didn't want to be rude and disturb her focus. She hasn't done anything that would normally qualify as super flirty, I don't know if that's because we haven't known one another for very long (like a few days) or because she doesn't have any feeling for me

If I do ask her out to coffee or something, what would I do? We go to college in Minnesota, and she lives away from coffee shops and restaurants. Since its so cold, I don't want to drag her all the way across campus even if it isn't that large (we go to a small school).

The class we have together is one that neither of us are that great at, however it really stresses me out and drains any confidence I have. Which means she probably gets to see me at my absolute worst during the day.


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  • Saint Cloud State wootwoot!

    Regardless, just ask her to study more, because coffee may be fun but studying and letting her see you trying your best will be A) cute and B) show tenacity. This matters more than how you like your mocha.

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