Why would he write such a thing?

we've had a rough couple of days and he said he was done with me. Today he called me and said he still loves me, he misses me and said he's never leaving. I said I missed him too and I haven't texted back for hours because I am still upset about what went down yesterday. He has the tendency to make me feel bad and fake that he's cheating on me so he can see my reaction.
I was on Facebook for a few minutes, he doesn't put Facebook status's at all and when I saw him write one I nearly laughed but what I saw was made me feel like I was punched in the gut.
he wrote;
not so great days for the last two days but im glad i met someone new:)

- do you think that he's just trying to get to me and make me talk to him? or has he really moved on..


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  • Leave him. He's probably trying to manipulate you into talking to him. It's not worth it.
    I know you probably feel broken, but you need to brush your bruises away and move on.

    • he ended up deleting it a day later.

    • He's an asshole. Drop him for your sake.

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  • It's time you moved on...

  • Probably trying to make you jealous. Someone who says they miss you then posts obvious shit like that on fb is looking for attention. He's an attention whore.

  • He is leading you on in case plan A doesn't work out. Forget this guy.


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  • He is obviously playing games, stop talkin to him