I need some opinions this is sooo tricky?

So me and this girl have long history of being friends , so we moved on to dating , which led to genuine sex and feelings and the I love yous. But now since she's going through a lot she said she needs time to think , so she put in the friend zone , but I can't be just friends with her considering we were in deep emotionally and physically. She told me to trust her and I'm still hers , but I can't shake the resentment my heart has because of this , even though I truly , genuinely love this girl


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  • Normally... I would say "she's emotionally flailing around, she's putting you on emotional layaway, you deserve better, move on".

    However, she did say that "you are still her's", so now it's all about how much patience you're going to wait for her to sort her feelings.


    As much as you do like her... you do have to demonstrate your value as a man, to other women.

    Let her know that you do love her, but you're not going to sit around forever waiting for her, because you have a life to live, and it's emotionally unfair for her to have u on a string while you're being emotionally unfulfilled.

    Wait as long, as u believe that she isn't seeing or talking to some other guy.

    The moment ur gut says she is possibly involved with another, ask her about it in a phone call or video chat, and gauge her reaction (more about her body language and tone of voice, than the words themselves).

    I almost NEVER advise waiting for someone who is "taking a break" or "needs space", but in your case I would give a try, for as long as u can tolerate, and for as long as ur gut feel she is being faithful to you.


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  • Time will come

    when the birds fly.

    time will come

    when she comes back to you.

    you are helpless

    in the friend zone

    there is no escape

    unless she unlocks you.


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  • just tell her to sort her shit out then when she's ready to let you know. But for the mean time get on with your own life, don't let it revolve around her even if you say you love her. Don't let her uncertainties walk all over you. Leave her be, don't stress it anymore. It'll work out if its meant to be. For the mean time, enjoy yourself and indulge in what other stuff you have going on

  • Dude she probably feels really exposed and overwhelmed after such an emotional moment. Just be ready for her once she's figured it out. And don't be afraid to be romanic! chicks love that shit!

  • A) Guys put themselves in the friend zone
    B) If you love her, let her be herself