All right ladies and gentlemen, what's your type?

What's your favorite flavor ;)

  • Lantino/Lantina
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  • Black
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  • A Female that is honest, loyal, not clingy, confident, secure with herself, not reliant on me for her happiness. Race isn't a factor.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • If the shoe fits I will wear it, to speak. I admit to being partial to the East Asian or Latina persuasion (growing up among them) and Whites (being one), but if a foxy Black lady rocked my world, I'd be all for that.

  • My type is Human.

  • man... i remember like months back, seeing somebody complaining about 'all these race questions' and i basicly told him if he didn't like them, he should just ignore them and stfu. haha man was i wrong.
    by now, it really really grinds my gears!!
    can there still be so many unasked questions about this subject that this still keeps coming up?
    they made a category for rating other people, why not one for these race questions?

    and for those that will ask why i opened this question, i couldnt tell it was a race question by the title. i usually dont open race questions at all and its still annoying

  • All of the above


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