How many actually never get to meet the girl's father?

I've been dating this guy from my college ever since last month. The reason he hasn't met my father yet is because there is no point. Plus, I live on my own too.

My father is pretty much absent-minded and has always been that way. It reminds me of Helga from the Hey Arnold episodes, that's very similar to how my father is and I pretty much had to learn some stuff on my own. I did onced stopped a date from trying to ask him if we can date because more than likely my father would have answered with an ''Why are you asking me, shouldn't you be asking her''.

If my own father has little interest in my dating life I guess why even bother.


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  • Well girls never consider me for dating so i logically never get to see the father.

    • I'm sure there is a girl out there. But yes, if you were to meet her father... unless he's an uncaring father like mines who has no clue about my dating life (which some of my dates called it ''luck''), you would have to work hard on making a good impression.

  • Almost never meet the father

    • Yeah, in the end he's not too much of an important figure. Though some of my female friends were surprised by this because their fathers are protective and if they're dating a guy, the father wants to know who it is and starts asking question.

    • typical... even worse are brothers... hehe...

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