Girl has become distant and flaky. Should I end it?

I've been dating this girl for about three - four months. Things were going great, but about a month ago she started getting flaky, didn't respond to texts/calls as much, didn't initiate any plans/dates, and generally didn't seem to have as much time as usual to go out.

When we did hang out / go on dates, things were still great. But whenever we were apart she would get more distant. She's still in contact with me. But, I don't like the idea that I'm just around for her amusement, or that my time is just there for her disposal.

Should I let her just fade it out (which she is obviously trying to do) or break things off myself?


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  • You should probably talk to her and be honest about how you're feeling about her flakiness and lack of interest. Rather than playing a guessing game of what each other think.


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  • It sounds like the Thrill is a Kill now, sweetie, and perhaps there are things she is feeling with the reeling that is causing her now to have a change of heart in another direction and to become Distant-----Whenever we were apart. This is the time that she has the most time to think things out, spend some time alone soul searching. She may feel she is not ready nor raring for a Real relationship, or at least one with You, and maybe it Is 'For her amusement,' she is taking advantage of your kindness and your pockets.
    Rather than let it 'Fade' to just a fad of a memory, maybe it would be best to get together and have a face to face convo so you both are on the same page. If that doesn't look like That may even happen, then talk to her on the phone. I see this is going nowhere and eventually it will just end up down a beaten path and a war of the Roses where you Both end up Not speaking to One another and the 'Disposal' turns Into---Dumping.
    Yes, it most likely Is headed in this direction anyways and if you want to 'break things off myself' on your end, tell her you feel it might be best you go your separate ways.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You're a man. You should be emotionally strong as well. If you let things fade away, it'll bother you later on in life that she controlled you and the relationship. Break it off yourself so that she knows that you're not dependent on her and you can and have a life without her.

    • Girls will fight with me on this one but we both are in the same age bracket, and you have to do, what you gotta do.

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    • Yeah. I think the age aspect is important. I'm not really at a stage where I want to be playing silly games of text-tag. Either a girl is interested or she isn't. I don't want to be part of some immature game of hers.

    • Exactly my friend. From what you've described, you're a source of her pleasure at her disposal. Oldest trick in the book. She's dragging you along while she's waiting for someone she's actually into.