If she gives you an out, why not take it?

I fell really hard for this guy but he had to leave shortly for school soon after we met and ever since then he's become super weird. He is shy and was from the start but this is on a whole other level.

Anyways basically he bailed for like the millionth time after HE asked ME to hangout while he's back home and I got fed up so I texted him asking him to be straightforward w/ me and I said whatever his answer was, there was no hard feelings. I got nothing. Didn't say anything. Why not? I gave him yhe perfect oppurtunity to say once and for all how he felt. Guys, if a girl asked you to be straight forward, and said no hard feelings (and you know it's true bc of the type of girl she is) would you? Would you take the oppurtunity to either explain why you've been so weird and apologize, or tell her that you have simply lost interest? Isn't that better than just not responding? What do you think his reason is for not replying when I gave him a clear pain free out?


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  • Man I wouldn't miss out on an opportunity like that. Maybe his shyness is just getting worse.

    I'm pretty shy like that and since i've been rejected a lot i've gotten even more shy, distant, and distrusting of women. So maybe he couldn't decide his feelings for you and he's just gotten even more uncomfortable around women which would explain his strange behavior.

    • Yeah he's pretty shy but I doubt he's been rejected because he's really cute, his only flaw is his hot and coldness and shyness. I'm shy myself but not to the extent where I ignore people I claim to like. It just doesn't make sense to me as to why he talks to me first and asks to hangout, yet bails out last minute...

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  • I think he may busy or lost interesting.

    • Yeah I think so too but it would have taken him five seconds to just text me saying "I'm sorry I've just lost interest."

    • Guy would never say that. You know Action Louder than Words.

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