GIRLS - Would you date a guy... 1 2 3?

1. Who's indecisive

2. Who is submissive in bed

3. Who you can beat up in a fair fight and/or is an slightly shorter than you?

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  • No to 2
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  • No to 3
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What Guys Said 1

  • Asker would you?

    I'm slightly indecisive myself at times, but that much really.

    I'm not submissive as such and I don't really like dominating girls either - I like changing things up, both of us going on top and so on, but I don't see the need for either of us to submit.

    I'm probably stronger than most girls, perhaps slightly taller than most of them (but shorter than quite a few - I'm only 5'7)

    • Yeah I would, cuz my bf is all 3 ;) I'm the law in our relationship

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