Ex broke up with me, I stop contacting him and now he is playing games?

My ex bf dumped me 2 months ago or so, saying he didn't want a relationship and that he no longer felt the same about me. I was sad at first obviously, but eventually accepted it and cut all contact with him. Six weeks later or so, he sent me a text asking me how I was doing. We texted back and forth a bit and that was it.
Then I saw that he had posted a status on fb that I hadn't reached out to him and that he always had to do all the work. I decided to text him just to hear how he was doing and we texted back and forth a bit.

A week later, he then texts me again to wish me a happy new year. We texted back and forth again a bit and he eventually asked if we could meet at some point. I agreed and said 'Sure, we could do that once you get back'.

He didn't reply to my last text, which I was okay with. But yesterday a mutual friend of mine told me that my ex told him to tell me that I should move on and that he is just leading me on (these were my ex's words) Apparently my ex told him that he no longer felt the same way.

What I don't understand is then why would he reach out to me and ask to meet up, when he wants me to move on? I haven't reached out to him once in 2 months and wasn't even sure if I wanted to see him in the first place..


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  • Next time he contacts you, ignore him.

    Block and severe all possible lines of communication with him and if you ever see him out in public do not acknowledge him and act as though he doesn't exist.

    He probably got back in contact to see if you still wanted him and were willing to jump when he asked you to and it's boosted his ego tremendously. He broke up with you citing his reason of no longer wanting you, that should have been the motivation to go no contact indefinitely and to start moving on.

    • I know and I agree with what you're saying. But I felt sorry for him, thinking he might be hurt or something. I guess I should have known better. Thanks again

    • This will sound callous but whether he's hurting or not isn't any of your concern and you aren't a bad person or a selfish person for not keeping in contact with the person when they break up with you or you with them. The only person that matters from that point on is you. Your feelings, your thoughts and not theirs. They'll live, they'll heal and they'll mend with time, but for me it's fair easier to severe all lines of communication because it allows me to focus on mending myself in the present so I can seize the opportunities that will come in the future and it stops me from being held back by the past.

      You're welcome.

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  • Maybe he wants sex?

    • The reason we broke up in the first place was because he wanted to have sex and I was a virgin (I wanted to wait a bit but he was impatient)

    • So then he still wants it.

  • So hire a hitman.

  • Ask him to hunt another, as u got me as a new bf (just a lie)... Don't give him lines anymore...

    • Haha, thanks :) and I definitely won't

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