Going out with girl far away?

So I've been down by my parents during winter break and I've been hanging out with this girl from high school a lot during the break. We're both studying for the GRE so we've studied together almost everyday for the last couple weeks. I took her on a date last weekend and I think it went well. I didn't kiss her but I wish I had done it. I'm going back to college next week but I really like her. I'm probably going to take her out again before I go back but what do I do now that I'm going back to school. We've also watched some movies at her parents house but I didn't do anything with her becasue we were in the living room. So what do I do from here. My college is 3 hours away and I wouldn't mind driving back and worth. I really like her, I haven't told her but I think she knows, and want to be with her. I'm not sure what to do since I'm leaving.


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  • Tell her how you feel, and figure out a way to make it work. Luckily we have FaceTime, video chats, cell phones, Lots of ways for you to keep In touch with her. And since your only about 3hrs out maybe go to her every other weekend or so.


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