What's he waiting for? Why does he act this way?

So this guy and I got pretty close and flirty and intimate. I really liked him and asked him out... He flip flopped a bunch over about a month but eventually he said he justed wanted a friend and to be plutonic and he wasn't ready for a relationship... (But I think he was sort of seeing someone else who is now gone). So I got over him, we stopped flirting but we still hung out all the time over the next 2 months.

Now in the past couple weeks he is being consistantly flirty again and texts me many times a day and wants to see me every day. We haven't kissed again yet but we hand fed eachother dessert and other flirty things.

I really like him and would like to date him. I don't want to ask him out because of what happened last time. he acts like he likes me but hasn't asked me out?

So what's going on? Why this restartup of intense flirting and always wanting to see /talk to me? Also, FYI a while back he told me that if he was in a relationship with me he would want it to be serious and he wasn't ready for that. So maybe now he is considering dating and is a bit afraid?

Maybe I should just relax and be patient? I just wish I knew if he was interested.


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  • he might need a really strong hint before asking you out so that he is sure to be clear of rejection.


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