How can I manage how far we go without pushing him away?

I have gone on 2 dates with a guy and we get along great. He is 29 and I am a few years younger but we had a few drinks and apps on the first date and
then a movie date for the second. he has definitely put time for me even when I go on vacation. tonight is our third date where we are staying in for movie and pizza. We have only kissed standing up (like end of date kissing) but we definitely enjoy it and didn't want to stop. Since we are alone I do not want to go too fast but I don't want to be conceived as a prude either. What should I tell him so I do not push him away because we get along great and I do
not want to go too fast.


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  • don't tell him anything, just see how the mood goes. maybe he knows to be respectful of your boundaries and won't push too far but if he does then you can stop him or slow him down.


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  • Just set your limits in a calm statement such as "I only want to make out but I am shy and unable to allow you to ravage my body but you may suckle my boobies too!" \o/


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