Any really bad dating experiences that you want to share?

guys and girls, please answer:) it would be cool to have some laughs and maybe learn what not to do


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  • This guy I was hanging out with, I only saw him as a friend because he wasn't really my type. But we would go downtown a lot and do random hipster things in the area. We went back to my dorm room one day to hang out, and he said he liked me and tried to kiss me. It was the most awkward kiss ever! he kissed like a bird or something haha it was odd.. Then he goes and tells he's a virgin. And I was like hell no.

    So that's the last time I saw him. I ignored him after that. I feel bad about just ignoring him, but it was a real turn off :/

    • hahaha thank you for sharing! :) i can only imagine how awkward that was

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  • Just because moral sake I'm going anonymous on this one.

    I was 16 years old, my best friend at the time was dating this girl who's best friend wanted a guy, so they hooked us up in more of just "Why the hell not" instead of whether we were ready. So to speak, I was not, at the time I never even kissed a girl.

    We met up all four of us, kissed, waved her off on the bus, went home, changed our relationship status, all was good.

    The week after was my time to travel down and see her, the day prior I had a stomach bug, instead of cancelling it I still wanted to see her. We arrived and ****ting it was an understatement, as soon as I knocked on her door went in kissed her, I was sick.. all over the kitchen floor.. in front of her family.

    Yeah, we broke up shortly after that.

    • cool story man! probably not good for you at the time, but hopefully you also laugh about it now

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