Why would a guy vent to you, then pull back?

So there's a guy I've been seeing/hooking up with. We are really attracted to eachother. The first night we hung out alone, we were walking by the river at night, and it was super romantic. We got to know eachother, but the intimacy started happening soon because of the attraction. We cuddle and have sex, it feels great whenever I'm around him and he says he likes me too. (it just magically fell into place, but we aren't "dating")

Recently, he's been in a different start visiting friends and he texted me and said he missed me and vented to me a little bit about people flaking on him. I was like YES, I love when people vent to me because it means they trust you and want to be closer to you. But when I replied, he kind of pulled back and was like no it's fine, and he made it sound like it wasn't a big deal. Then I replied again and he didn't text back.

Why would a guy vent to you, then pull back? Was he embarrassed or something? I made it sound like I cared and was being casual and stuff..

state* not start.


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  • maybe he's trying to get you to kinda go after him and comfort him.

    • I tried, but he stopped texting me back. It's like he's "almost" ready to get close to me.. but he isn't sure. haha guys are confusing sometimes. I just don't want to be too overbearing too soon.

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    • exactly! its hard to convey tone over text. lol.

    • Texting should be illegal. It sucks asss.

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