From which height is a man considered tall according to you? and which is the ideal height for you?

asking out of curiosity that's all


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  • Tall is 6 ft to 7ft. Ideal height in my opinion is 6'2 - 6'4 . I'm tall and I don't want to she taller than the guy.

    • how tall are you?

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    • Haha, Ya, I'm shorter than both my mom & dad!

    • well i am not a giant but i think i am pass for a tall guy being 194 cm

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  • Anything over 6'0 foot is good, I'm not picky :)

  • The sexiest man I ever met was 6'5..
    That's perfect for me..
    I'm 5'1:)

    • shit i missed by an inch lol i am 6'4 still i get really jealous when i see a 6'6 guy i feel inferior

    • I love the lanky long legs tall men have lol.

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