Do it matter who text first and Does he like me?

Does it matter who text each who first, because I hear so much saying a guy should text you first and if he never text you first he does not like you and that got me confused the and the reason for that is. At this new years party this guy I used talk to months ago was there. He was flirting with me and I was flirting with him. When the party was over I ask him to walk me to my car which he did. We gave each other a hug at that moment there was a pause right when we were got done hugging we stopped like should we kissed each other but I was to nervous and I think he was too. Before I drove off, he told me to get hold of him. So when I got home I let him know that I made it home safe and he texted back saying "he was happy that we hangout and that we needed to hangout soon and also he let me know that he made it home safe too. Ever since that party I have been texting him first and we will be talking for hours and the thing is I don't know if he has feeling for me still at the party I thought so but now I don't know. Like the other night when we were texting for a bit and I was going to let him go so I told him good night and he texted me back saying " Night girl ;), have a good night. So I thought okay he sent me a good night text to me alright he likes me and he sent a wink face he flirting. When we talked months ago, he would text me first a lot and now that we are texting again I'm the only one that is texting first do that means is not interested or it does not matter or I am over thinking this whole who text first rules.


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