Love happens when you least expect it?

In my first two years of college, I never thought about falling in love or having someone by my side. Even though I was mostly focused on my degree, I was also focused on creating friendships with girls, but now that I look behind, I can use my life as the perfect example on how love doesn't happen when we least expect it. I fell in love with absolutely NO ONE in that time, much less someone falling in love with me...

Love doesn't always happens when we least expect it. If that was the case, you wouldn't hear about people who had a crush on someone for a long time and made it! It's IMPOSSIBLE not to think about love! But no, according to this sentence, people who think about love and want to fall in love with someone will end up alone because, apparently, when you think about it, some sort of love-repellent bug will sit on your shoulder, impeding you from ever finding someone... What about those people who go out looking for love and find it? Oh wait, since they were expecting it, it's not real anymore... Love CAN HAPPEN when you most expect it, and it can be as real as in any other circumstances!

Sorry if I'm wrong and correct me if that's the case, but this phrase isn't always true...


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  • Love happens when you NEVER expect it.

    True love is very rare. Most time its just looks.

    • so, by that logic, those who go out looking for it and find it are ALWAYS being fooled, right? Well (sarcasm mode: ON), that seems like a very flawless argument to me (sarcasm mode: OFF).

    • seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people on this website? Goddammit, I thought this site had only intelligent people giving their opinions. Never I have been so wrong...

      Please, you can be absolutely ANYONE on the internet! DON'T choose to be an idiot!