Shy guys... How do you discouraged a women's advances?

What do you do? When she smiles at you? Initiates a convo? Touches you lightly or playfully? How do you discouraged her if you aren't attracted to her?

I think I confused people. How do you make her give up if you don't care for her or like her?


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  • 100% complete and total ignoring. He would go out of his way to avoid you.

    • So... Would you still acknowledge her if you see her? What if she comes up talking to you? How do you handle it?

    • Well that depends on how shy and/or how much of an asshole he is. Just because he is shy doesn't mean he isn't an asshole. Some guys just don't care for casual conversation. He won't initiate with you and won't keep the conversation going. His answers will be few words and really won't say much back or start a new topic. I was shy, but not an asshole. I would at least try to be nice and have a decent conversation. If I wasn't interested I would not talk too much about us doing anything together or trying to get to know more about you. You find him quick to come up with an excuse to leave or being busy.

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  • In my experience you don't have to actively discourage her, if you don't respond to her advances she'll get the message and give up before too long. The only time women have been really persistent with unwanted advances have been when they've had a bit too much to drink, then you just leave them alone and find someone else to talk to

    • You never had a girl who wasn't sure if you were trying to discourage them or not?

    • My problem is he won't initiate conversation but I understand that's normal. He acknowledges me from across the room most if the time with a smile or head nod. He will talk to me if I go to him... But... I can't tell if he's just being nice or what... Like last time, he didn't acknowledge me at all and left before I could speak to him which is unusual.. and has me wondering...

  • I used to be kind of a shy guy and from my experience its easy for me to say that a gurl made the advance, I just followed her lead.

    • The question was if you don't like her... How do you discourage her... Make her give up?

  • Lol. I wouldn't know. I'm too ugly for women. You all o my care about looks.

    • Not true. Some of us care about manners and personality more.

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    • GA.. Southern hospitality and all.😁

    • Girls with the southern accent. Love it. I outta move to the south.

  • I never look at her face, that's enough and even more for her to leave me alone.

    • So completely avoiding eye contact even if she's speaking to you?

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