Girls how do you hide when you are nervous around a guy?

How do you act when you are nervous around a guy? How do you try and hide it? Are there ways to tell?

This girl at school will act super fidgety nervous sometimes, sometimes she doesn't seem nervous at all and it is so confusing! I feel like I"m more nervous than her sometimes, sometimes I feel like she is more nervous than me? It's so weird!


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  • She's prob nervous everytime but your nerves keep you from seeing it everytime. Those are signs for sure. She will act different. Either quiet around you or talk fast or not well.. Like her thoughts can't get together. She might even become klutzy around you. Trip over her feet.

    • Yea that's the thing, sometimes I notice it big time, sometimes I'm like I can't tell. Yesterday I was at her desk asking her to show me something and I felt like she had to focus extra hard to not mess up, even though she kind of did. She was like kinda talking things out to herself as she was showing me.

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