Not sure what to do about this girl? can barely see her :(?

Cliff notes:
-Met a girl from dating site
-Been "dating" for 3 months now (not exclusive but its fine, barely seeing her is a major part of it)
-Both her parents are cops and she claims they're very strict and never let her out, maybe like once a week at best)
-I have upfront asked her multiple times, and to be honest, if she's not interested OR if there's another guy, or anything else. she denies and keeps denying anything
-she does flirt back and does say she wants to be with me
-again, we barely get to see eachother and it bothers me. she has to skip school or skip something important just to see me (shes a senior in HS and preparing for college and SATs, i know she's busy too)

I feel like i'm wasting my life waiting on someone sometimes

Anyone else been in a similar situaiton and can offer advice or what to say/do to feel better about this situation? I've seen her only 3 times out of the 3 months I've known her.

she does like me, i do like her obviously, it's just mainly her parents barely letting her out.

  • give it more time
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  • talk to her about it (post suggestions)
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  • move on?
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  • you must be in a tough situation. all votes are tied at the moment. do you really like her? are you willing to always be waiting? its gunna get boring eventually and you know it. i suggest you move on, but if you want to be patient then thats up to you. good luck


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  • I'm in the same situation. Girls parents won't let me see her. I am having the same conundrum. I want to confront and ask if it's worth it. But have no idea if that would be a bad thing todo?

  • This happened to my friend. They let it play out and after a while they went they're separate ways and are still good friend to this day. If you give it time the situation will play itself out and hopefully for the best

    • What was his situation like exactly? And why did they agree to be just friends?

    • Well my friends name is Harrison and he met this girl on holidays and they hit it off straight away but then when they left they both lived around 80 miles from each other so they could only go and see each other mabye once or twice a month. They would talk on Facebook and things like that but after a while because of how much hassle and hard work it was they just stayed friends and still are to this day. You just need to give it time :)

  • this could be a good thing it's romantic like romeo and juliet convince her to sneak out in the name of love and all that mushy shit then it's all fun and games from then on if you know what i mean ;)