Does this sound like a romantic day? I don't know what to do for a date?

If I take a guy down to the riverbed (I live in los angeles) and we just sit on a blanket and eat candy/slurpees, and play with smoke bombs and listen to a little music from my phone... I'm not romantic but I have no idea how to spend a nice time with a guy. We're also both cheap and don't wanna spend anything. I don't like being in crowded places.


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  • would love it. just make sure to take some of those portable speakers with you, hearing music on a phone speaker is the worst lol
    other then that, sounds lovely


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  • Sounds great to me. Peel it right back to the basics, like 2 people with a blanket going somewhere alone together is romantic. Then just add your own flavouring. Smoke bombs don't sound very romantic. Wild flowers picked from the roadside might be better. Call into a store and pick up some nice salad and fruit type snacks, maybe a bottle of wine and some cheapo plastic cups. The beach or a park maybe more romantic than the river bed. And you could do it during the evening and watch the sun go down and the stars come out. But always start with 2 people and a blanket because that's romantic all by itself.
    Love your nickname - any reference to Pink Floyd? I had a workshop for 13 years in Nick Masons driveway.


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  • Anything that involves the two of you spending time together is romantic.

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